The method

The method


The skin is the relay of the brain. Its embryonic origin, together with the nervous system, is found in the primitive ectoderm.


Stimulate the surface of the skin in order to send signals to the brain to activate the process of self-healing and unblocking.


Where? In acupuncture points, specific according to the pathology. How? A precise and specific manual movement, taught during the course.

What are the advantages of the DIP method?

1. It’s very easy to do and can be applied immediately after training.

2. It is absolutely safe (no manipulation), without side effects. This can be done in a baby and an old man. The method is painless for the patient.

3. Does not require any equipment, needle or product … only your hands. It can be practiced both in your clinic or at home.

4. The method is fast, since a session lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.

5. The method is very effective, most pains disappear spontaneously and from the first session the subject feels a clear improvement.

It works for acute and chronic cases, only the technique changes.

Testimonials from therapists trained in the method:

“I like it because you acquire a tool where you only need your hands.”

“I feel that after three days I will be able to start working, and that is what I was looking for in this course.”

“Practicing, we realized that we obtained results with other pathologies that have nothing to do with pain. We were surprised and were aware that it was logical, so we investigated to go deeper into other new indications for which the method was appropriate. ”

“The technique is complex. However, the way in which teaching is introduced simplifies their learning. After two days, I already feel that I practice it very easily. ”

“We have a direct tactile tool, which we can use immediately. It is aimed at those who like to work with their hands and be able to help people with them, which is why it gives me great satisfaction. ”

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