The DIP method integrates a series of manual techniques all directed at the skin. Its purpose is to restore the proprioceptive function of the cutaneous organ, also rebalancing the patient’s global posture.

The term Dermo Info Puncture, perfectly explains the method. Dermo: refers to a method of work on the skin, Info: means that information is sent by a precise gesture. Puncture: because the information is not sent discretionally to any site, but to certain points on the meridians of acupuncture.

Its principles are based on neurophysiology, the specific analysis of the pathology and the circumstances of its expression and in the somato-emotional energy environment that surround it.

To apply the techniques in the best way adapting to the patient, the therapist in Dermo-Info-Punctura follows an algorithm facilitating the choice of both techniques and treatment positions. Likewise, specific respiratory techniques are integrated to facilitate the process of integration of reflex dermal stimulations of the method in order to give the limbic system the possibility of self-regulating its postural organization.

Timings and rhythms play a fundamental role throughout the process of a DIP session.

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