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A methodeffective for a global action


A simple, fast and totally effective method for a global action.

The skin is a reflection of what happens inside our body. Like the heart or kidneys, the skin is an organ in itself with great relevance, because it may be one of the most important for life.

Its proprioceptive role is closely linked to the nervous system with which it shares its embryological origin.

The skin is a true protective, respiratory and filtering membrane, so that our identity and physical-psychic-emotional reality is expressed through it. The quality of the fabric and the freedom of its mobility reflect its good functioning, the state of health and well-being of a person.

After an exhaustive and meticulous anamnesis in combination with the analysis of the posture, the therapist specialized in the DIP method will search and investigate the skin of his patient to understand what the blocking points are. Restrictions of skin mobility are essential to practice the techniques of liberation in order to normalize or rearmonize the general balance of the body.

A simple, fast and totally effective method where “LESS IS MORE”.


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