Training in the DIP method

The training is carried out on three seminars of 2 full days.

It’s a course with little theory and essentially practice.

You receive the necessary knowledge for its application and you learn by practicing with your classmates the different DIP movements.

The method is simple and reproducible, making it a first choice tool to help patients in many areas.

During the first seminar, you learn how to solve the energy content of the tissue lesion in such a way that you can work almost every case of acute pathology of the locomotor system with breathtaking efficiency in many cases.

At the second seminar, you understand the muscular involvement implied by the concept of chronicity. You learn in which position to place the muscles to know when, where and how to look for the point of mediation. Tissue manipulation will be the key to treating chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

The third seminar offers a new reading of many functional disorders with its transgenerational dimension. You learn to interact with the patient to find the point of mediation where the DIP technique is applied to help the organ involved to regain the integrity of its functions.

The therapeutic result depends on:

The quality of the therapist’s presence

Sensitivity and perception

The quality of the gesture


Therefore, it is essential that each student participates by performing the practice exercises alternately as a patient (to feel the action) and as a therapist (to perform the procedure).

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